Contract Manufacturing

Contract Manufacturing with LPI extends your company’s production capabilities by using our state-of-the-art equipment and facilities to manufacture your products. Your company has access to skilled expertise in manufacturing and specialized equipment, helping you to focus on product sales and increasing revenue. LPI manufactures your products at competitive rates, eliminating the capital investment for your own manufacturing facility.

  • Manufacturing expertise
  • Focus on producing quality products
  • Multi-disciplined production staff

LPI Lift Systems creates the best possible equipment solutions.

Custom Design

Finding just the right equipment or facility for your manufacturing needs can be difficult. LPI, Inc. can provide you with exceptional quality and service for your specialized equipment needs. Let our engineers assist you in the design process, allowing you to focus on your business.

You can utilize our knowledge and expertise:

  •     Pneumatic, electric and hydraulic controls and system design
  •     Mechanical and structural engineering and analysis
  •     3-D Solid Modeling
  •     Production runs
  •     Field startup support
  •     Installation

Manufacturing Production and Facilities

To streamline the manufacturing process for your company and get products to market quicker, LPI offers production services right in our Eau Claire, WI USA manufacturing facilities. Contract manufacturing facilities at LPI house numerous pieces of high-end manufacturing equipment, with large spaces to accommodate any size project.

LPI offers these production services:

  • Light and medium fabrication and welding
  • Precision and general purpose machinery
  • On site paint facility
  • Flexible assembly areas
  • Prototype, short run and long run production
  • Test/Inspection Capabilities

If you would like to talk to us about your manufacturing production needs, please contact us.

LPI Lift Systems works with you to increase your profitability.